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always fun to read discussions where people are just trying to figure out the lyrics of a song

i didn't realize private getters are legal now

🎶 six car pile up just a mile up up
sick sick sick sick sick sick 🎶

huh i guess to me personally real-time linting is more helpful than autocompletion. it tells me if i referenced a variable that doesn't exist, without adding visual noise like autocompletion pop-ups. and without making me think about which entry to pick from that pop-up.

🎶 the cold envelops you
black diamonds dance, entrance you
when you look into my eyes
does it make you feel alive? 🎶


Yes I Smoke Crack EP

Someone should put on a puppet show for cats and let the cats attack and play with the puppets. While the cats are doing that they can try to keep the show going as well as they possibly can.

their first and only issue on github, lol. i like how maintainers closed it instead of deleting.

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misread "desert rock" as "dessert rock". would be a weird music genre. or dish.

type path strict explicit dynamic shadowed

new hobby: trying to find a google street view best matching my own photos

sorry i didn't answer your call earlier, couldn't miss my daily 30 minutes of dprk propaganda,

> This is not at all surprising as TypeScript is the father of JavaScript

i'm sorry what

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