“Somebody accidentally null-routes the domain that all of internal and external company services depend on” wasn’t a risk I ever considered until today…

Thinking about it, recovering from that when you have almost no means of communicating with each other is… hard.


@WPalant i feel bad for that somebody, that must be horrible

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@17 Yes, I must say that messing up BGP is pretty much the worst possible scenario. It’s hard to imagine another trivial change that would do so much damage and would be so hard to repair. Pretty much like getting stuck sideways in the Suez Canal. What a mess…

The good news: I doubt that they let interns touch BGP. Whoever did this is a pro. They should have no problem finding a new job at a better company.

@WPalant lol, that's a good comparison x.x

yeahh, hopefully. and they should understand that it's something that just happens and isn't really that person's fault. but i can see that only making it harder to handle, so yeah, even if they don't get fired, would be too hard to stay.

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