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they said that my typing was very soothing so thats neat (:

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my friends and i are vcing and we're all unmuted for once
except none of us are talking lmao all i can hear is background noise

this is the 5th night where i've stayed up super late researching personality disorders

my friend is making me listen to the hamilton soundtrack and i can only think abt the thomas jefferson miku binder image

i almost talked abt my feelings to my friends
that was terrifying hopefully itll never happen again

ive been playing papa's pancakeria all day i am so tired

why is the potato chip bag from death note an isfj??

my friend is trying to troll a political server rn and literally no one in the server cares lmao

why does the family guy yourself site have better skin tones than most picrews

I haven't been paying any attention I've been on twitter the entire time

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it's time for my yearly rewatch of neon genesis evangelion

the macdennis fancam is gone I'm fuckin devastated

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