i seriously thought this was over after last night's wipes and removing battery from phone. hmm...

why do Firefox updates lag behind in Debian repos? even sid is months behind


what if i just bought another of the same model and copy its flash to the old one

9t is weird. abl seems untampered (i found a zip with original one) but it doesn't boot to system

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is my touchpad broken or doesn't gnome file manager support right click?

dumped abl from infected 9t though but can't extract any useful information from it. if only i had spent more time with r2 in the past...

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i guess there indeed aren't any guests on my laptops. i should clean up my phones but what's the point if they get reinfected and also i don't have clean abl if that's where the spy lives

My BF thinks itโ€™s โ€œlameโ€ to name him after a popular Hollywood cat. But idc! I see it as a missed opportunity if we donโ€™t name him either Salem or Binx. Which name do you like best? #cats #cat redd.it/pw74q4

you can't make two separate systems agree about lying checksums can you?

i need to get USB drivers for my optical disk burner laptop. i should not take the system disk out every time i need to add a new image

looks good. i just saw those 4G KaiOS Nokias in shelves near my place. i don't need to take a train if i need to restock burners

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