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intro post
name's ace! expect this to be a weird personal/art posting account. you'll likely find me yelling about cartoons and homestuck as those are my two biggest interests but also my art.

destroyed my hs twitter account i am Free babey

homestuck epilogues (meat) 

reread meat for davekat but now im cryin over egbert n terezi fuck man the epilogues fucking HURT

star trek tng s3 finale part 2 

fuck you locutus all my homies hates locutus

anyway time to pass out under four blankets goodnight gamers

god i hope we hear about the animaniacs reboot again soon like something concrete bc i am getting restless over vague rumours im literally gonna write my own revival at this point

its almost 1am aka time to post a gay homestar doodle and go to bed

kingdom hearts almost made me sob tears of joy when i finally beat the boss in *wonderland* after like 25 times. this game is gonna break me.

avenir latitude is the name im batting around rn but that may change. i think floating hands is a funny concept

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i made a homestar runner self insert oc because ive lost control of my life

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