just finished a great star wars ttrpg session that spawned this image of my character at the end

she-ra s5 last ep spoilers 

hmmm.... new desktop background

she-ra s5 spoilers 

shadow weaver is pretty..

she-ra s5 

haven't seen anyone comment on Kyle and Rogelio and Lonnie apparently being adoptive parents of the weird Hordak gremlin baby?

she-ra s5 

catra in a h

catra in a hood

she-ra s5 

Catra: slashes through solid stone with her cat claws

Adora: lesbian

she-ra s5 



descriptions of violence and animal gore in context of humorous chat, cartoon eye contact 

thinking about the dr. wily RP bit i did on my friend server

Oh and here's the full piece from my avi/header by @snowieillust on Twitter. It's art of the main gals of Originator with the various differences from canon included.

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this chapter of my star wars fic is by far the one i'm most excited to write atm

those two bullet points contain multitudes


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