Cheeb interlude.
Started making those icons to practice drawing chibis, then it kinda went downhill.
(Last one is a friend's DnD OC)

(you can get one for the low, low price of cheap here :

I like drawing pissed off pretty boys with nice legs.

Also from last year, I like how it turned out!
Lewisia from mobile game King's Raid. I don't really use her but she's a very cool character nonetheless.

Drew it last year but I still consider this one my magnum opus. My boy Ao being pretty. ♥
You're gonna see him a lot (probably), he's pretty much my mascot asdfghjk

Heya I'm amki! I'm a freelance artist who also likes video games and, of all things, CSS (won't say I'm amazing at it, but it's fun)!

I mostly draw characters in fantasy settings because it's my Jam™, and I do a whole lot of worldbuilding because lore is also my Jam™.

Nice to meet you all!

Website :
Twitter :
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