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Three more drawings and mastodon will be up to date with my other social media!

Cheeb interlude.
Started making those icons to practice drawing chibis, then it kinda went downhill.
(Last one is a friend's DnD OC)

(you can get one for the low, low price of cheap here :

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I like drawing pissed off pretty boys with nice legs.

Hm, the Fediverse seems to have a bit of an art reposter bot problem. Usually not sourced too.
I've only had this account since yesterday but I already have 14 bots blocked.

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I'm going nowhere if I keep working on this, so I consider it "done".
It's unfinished and full of little happy accidents, but I learned some things from this.
#myart #illustration #ocs #originalart #originalcharacters #mastoart #digitalart #drawing #art #digitaldrawing #artist #artists #nightbar

Also from last year, I like how it turned out!
Lewisia from mobile game King's Raid. I don't really use her but she's a very cool character nonetheless.

Drew it last year but I still consider this one my magnum opus. My boy Ao being pretty. ♥
You're gonna see him a lot (probably), he's pretty much my mascot asdfghjk

Gradually gonna post some drawings I made recently and not-so recently.
Would be nice if there was a planning function for that but oh well. I'll try not to spam. :')

Tags, I meant tags.
I've been awake since 6AM and this is clearly not suiting me well. :')

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