Turned out the link was just broken, so I ended up 20 minutes late before I found a working version of the link, but it was a shortened class of mostly just reading through the syllabus so it's not a big deal.

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In a Zoom meeting for a remote class, the teacher is 15 minutes late, and there's only one other person in the meeting. Great first day.

Hell yeah, broke the donation record! From what I caught it's been a good showing this AGDQ.

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Snake Eater is the best Metal Gear song if only because it features the line "And someday, you feed on a tree frog" without an ounce of irony.

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Shayy puttin on a couple of clinics with his Deltarune runs.

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That Gundam keyboard is maybe the coolest of the available prizes.

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Dope, they did it, tho it's sad to see Darkman is on the way out.

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Gundam 0080UC: War in the Pocket is such a sobering New Year's tradition.

we are witnessing the other shoe drop on millions of sick americans, meanwhile the democrats are still staring at the first shoe like "any day now this bad boy's going right back to the sky, just you wait"

Homestuck is good. Homestuck will literally make you a better writer.

I keep thinking about how many contradictory demands are made of us. A lot of us who work office jobs are told we can work from home, but we're also told everything we have to do that can only be done in person. There's so many examples

Happy B-Day to all thoroughbred horses in the northern hemisphere.

I'd say good riddance to 2021, but I can't remember the last time a year was definitively better than the one before.

Well fuck, a big fire is being windswept through nearby counties.

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