I have in my hand a box of pills. They are days of life. I have to take one every day, and every day that I do not brings death a little closer.

Each pill costs about what I make in a day, as a mid-pay engineer. Without the government drug-plan I could not afford to live, one way or another. Either I would be unable to afford food and shelter, or I would be unable to afford the pills that stop the cancer from becoming aggressive.

Capitalism must be destroyed so that we may live

samurai gunn 2 will probably be our team's last pixel art game even though we have the best art team in the entire world because it is literally impossible to get funding for a game with this art style while default unity shader games get greenlit for 5 million dollars. yeah i'm salty about it fuck you

Damn, just heard about Yoshifumi Ushima’s passing. Flying in the Sky is not just one of the greatest Gundam OPs, but one of the greatest OPs of all time, and the full version kicks even more ass. RIP to a real legend.

Every time I see the fantastic DaiCon IV opening animation, I get genuinely angry that I'll never be able to animate that well, and certainly not in a timely manner.

heat exhausted ramblings about "cannibal capitalism" 

here it is in the microcosm!
the personal relationship that can't even fully be enacture due to this hyperdeveloped process of wealth extraction "all that is solid melts into air" indeed.


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Between the news about PFAS in all global rainwater and my favourite pizza place having a fire, I'm feeling kinda depressed rn.

"unemployment has recovered from covid" bitch covid is still ravaging this godforsaken country shut the fuck up

In better news, G Gundam (and best Gundam) is streaming in HD on gundam.info for free throughout August, so I'll maybe do a watch thread some time.

The RightStuff acquisition by Sony news sure sucks.

You may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like

depleted uranium 

uranium occurs in nature in two main isotopes: the less radioactive u-238, and the more radioactive u-235. natural uranium is about 0,7% u-235. uranium is 'enriched' by spinning it in centrifuges at extremely high velocities; gradually the slightly higher mass of u-238 causes it to migrate outwards. fuel-grade uranium has been enriched to have about 20% u-235. weapons-grade uranium is 80% or more u-235. what's left is depleted uranium, which is almost entirely u-238

Happy for the Game Grumps on their 10th anniversary, and I do want the varsity jacket, but I sure as hell ain't paying $150 for a jacket.

no its very cool actually and should happen more often

We all know it would be better, but none of us have seen it, so we rage in the dark, catching glimpses of the light, theorizing about what it would look like, dreaming about a world not chained in shadow

I hope I get to see it. I hope you do to. And although it may sound stupid, I hope all the dumbass two bit Batman villains do too

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holy shit the ENTIRE full length animatic for Genndy Tartakovsky’s popeye leaked? like a full hour and a half movie rough???? jesus


“Sid Vicious would be 79 today, if he didn’t love heroin, the only thing he was ever good at”

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I am deliriously pleased by the news that Josh is doing more stories in Daranos for a new podcast. I do selfishly wish Dom were a part of it as well, but that ship has prolly sailed.

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