I wonder what it says about the fear culture around 9/11 that even though I was alive and conscious of the event at the time, because I was 6 and just starting first grade, none of the adults in my life were willing to explain the big deal and obviously none of my children's media covered it. So I actually went the next 4 years not actually having much of a conception of 9/11 beyond remembering it being cool that I got the day off of school and all the adults being weirdly somber.


Despite it's impact, the event was so unmentionable that even if you were experiencing the world change in the aftermath, in real-time before your eyes, the adults were all too grief-stricken to bother giving a real reason for it, and I think that was prolly no small part of my realization at the ripe young age of 10 that the "adult world" was never actually going to have any interest in informing me how anything about the world really worked.

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