I feel like the label designer had to have had to good chuckle with this.

Every time I'm reminded of Jaden Smith's Neo Yokio I wonder what Kaz Kaan would've wished for with his giant Toblerone.

The website is worth checking out for treasures such as this gem.

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This ad is some real life Dave Strider-ass shit. It's masquerading as a crappy homemade ad for a dance therapy class, complete with website (impissed.net), that is in fact nothing but a ploy to get you to watch "his son's bands'" music video. I kinda love it.

There's a ton of mass destruction in Gundam, but this shot in particular really screams despair under a looming, apocalyptic, but still entirely artificial threat, especially with the context of the Federation not even bothering to try and evacuate its own civilians, leaving them in the dark and unwarned despite advanced knowledge. Actively stymying the "terrorists" trying to ferry as many refugees to safety as possible.

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And the art style is so evocative, it does a superb job exhibiting the sheer terror of being trapped in an inescapable cycle of poverty, incarceration, destitution, and dehumanization.

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For 4/13 I made you all this quick and dirty Homestuck edit of one of my favourite Gundam comics

Did some mugshots to practice face shapes and quick design. Tried not to spend much more than 15 minutes per face, and some definitely came out better than others, but at least a few of them seem like they might be worth fleshing out into full characters later.


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