char aznable is all about manipulate mansplain malewife

[doesn't cast any spells during my turn thus changing the game state to night and transforming all of my human werewolves] awooooo

Excited to try out the new Innistrad cards, but also more bummed out at how many great cards are leaving Standard rotation this time around than usual. Gonna have to restructure almost all of my decks.

genuinely makes me want to cry seeing the stats that 2020 had the lowest poverty rate ever and knowing Democrats will never ever ever just give people money again

The government should be paying everyone no less than $25 an hour, 24 hours a day, just as recompense for having to live under it.

one of the most important things I've learned as a queer adult is how to be frustrated with people without it meaning I hate or dislike them. Everyone I know does little shit that bothers me, or sometimes acts awful due to trauma/coping mechanisms/etc, learning how to be genuinely annoyed or frustrated or hurt without turning it into "and thus I condemn and judge you", rather just sometimes being annoyed and then moving on cause ya love people and we're all growing, is good

Despite it's impact, the event was so unmentionable that even if you were experiencing the world change in the aftermath, in real-time before your eyes, the adults were all too grief-stricken to bother giving a real reason for it, and I think that was prolly no small part of my realization at the ripe young age of 10 that the "adult world" was never actually going to have any interest in informing me how anything about the world really worked.

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I wonder what it says about the fear culture around 9/11 that even though I was alive and conscious of the event at the time, because I was 6 and just starting first grade, none of the adults in my life were willing to explain the big deal and obviously none of my children's media covered it. So I actually went the next 4 years not actually having much of a conception of 9/11 beyond remembering it being cool that I got the day off of school and all the adults being weirdly somber.

The Suez got blocked again if you hadn't heard. They cleared it p quickly, but I still let out a small cheer when I heard the news.

I feel like the label designer had to have had to good chuckle with this.

@Griever No, you didn't dream it, that was definitely a thing.

The list of analytical people who I bet would have a ton of interesting things to say about it is ever growing with all neat EVA Rebuild takes I'm seeing. And I mean come on, at it's core, Gundam is autistic teenagers stealing giant robots and developing psychic powers to fight fascists and colonialism, what's not to love?

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Every time someone posts a good Evangelion or Metal Gear take it just makes me wanna hear their thoughts on Gundam.

'if you shoplift the stores will punish the workers!'

'if you steal water immortan joe will punish the mill rats!'

They deadass ended unemployment benefits on mfing labor day,

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