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Had to tweet this one because the thumbnail is Immaculate.
trio qing with disgusting valorant edaters youtube.com/c/ChoboMe

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@kostja132@twitter.com Dass du so schlecht bist liegt an deinem Sternzeichen

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i got this box for leo’s toys and he thinks its for him

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Ich will das auch machen 🥺

Love that video @ish13c@twitter.com

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🇨🇿 A Czech singer has died after intentionally catching Covid-19 in order to get a health pass without getting vaccinated.

Her son says that local anti-vax groups have "blood on their hands".
Story: english.radio.cz/son-blasts-an

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I think this will forever be the greatest exchange on this bird site.

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The new Xbox game pass is crazy. All this for just $10 a month????

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Was Instagram denkt was für Klamotten ich tragen sollte:

Ich brauche hilfe @mdmamarina@twitter.com hat mich kaputt gemacht hilfe

Jeder der auf Twitter geht und so etwas sieht tut mir von tiefstem Herzen leid

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