Ask for a menu on some high trippy shit on Kik at mollytrip75

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this guy blocked me after a long and fun conversation and I can't tell if it's because I spent too long discussing strange funerary practices or because I said if a tree planted in my body came to life and attacked people I hoped it would eat rich people

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What do you take when you feeling depressed? As for me I just take some ket n acid alongside a beer and a good f..k.
Join me for a ride 🍄 if you like my depression dose🥰😁

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not to be a fairy but telling my devices to “sleep” has a very magical vibe to me

Psychedelic are part of humans ❤️👌
They make do away with stress and depression.
DM for a menu on Kik or wickr me...@mollytrip75

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