On this day in 1945, two Japanese kamikaze suicide pilots slam their planes into the aircraft carrier USS Bunker Hill off Okinawa killing 346. Although badly damaged, the ship remains afloat.

On this day in 1949, the Soviet Union ends its year-long blockade of Berlin. For 322 days, an Allied airlift kept the city fed. The failure to starve Berlin into submission was an embarrassment for Moscow and early Cold War victory for the West.

The traffic on Hollandia in 1944 was insane🚕🚙🚗🚓

On this day in 1987, 37 American sailors are killed as Iraqi Exocet missiles hit the frigate USS Stark in the Persian Gulf. Baghdad promptly apologizes, claiming it believed the vessel was Iranian. Washington supports the explanation and holds Iran responsible for the deaths.

On this day in 1974, India carries out its first nuclear weapons test. The 8-kiloton detonation is codenamed "Smiling Buddha."

On this day in 1802, Napoleon Bonaparte reestablishes slavery in all French colonies. The move reverses the 1794 abolition under France's revolutionary regime.

On this day in 1430, the teenaged French heroine Joan of Arc is captured by pro-English Burgundians at Compiègne. A year later, she'll be burned at the stake as a heretic following a sham trial.

in 1798, the United Irishmen rise up against British rule. Despite winning a number of engagements, the rebellion is crushed in less than five months. Between 10,000 and 50,000 are killed.

German Emperor (Kaiser) Wilhelm II and Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph, posing in the uniforms of each other's country, Berlin, 1889

Deer skulls with carved eyeholes dating to 11,000 years ago found at the Star Carr Mesolithic archaeological site, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England.

A police officer examines the remains of a V2 rocket missile that hit London, England in September 1944 during the Second World War.

Two shocked nuns looking at a mannequin in a bikini, Barcelona, Spain, 1965

Spanish woman fighting for the Republican Loyalists in the Spanish Civil War.

Girls Dressed as Appliances at the Los Angeles Electrical Exposition 1936.

Big thanks to @Pepijn who showed me that by mentioning @3goodthings and by following them, we could create a group where all the toots are shared.

So today when hashtagging #3goodthings please consider mentioning @3goodthings too and following them 😍

Every day a new #feditip

Its high time i identify.! I am Rush and am in the USAF, Still have two more years in service though. I am so much interested in and , i post couple of historic pictures when i can.

Surprise! You can *now* start listening to all the #fedivision #music! Find it on fedivision.party!

Voting will start tomorrow, 3 PM CEST.

Have fun and give some love to the musicians who made this possible! :blobhaj_heart:

Pew Research says only 19% [still shockingly too many] want abortion to be legal at any stage of pregnancy.

So why would Dracula aka Schumer want Senate dems to be on record as in favor of this?

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