Gonna just do an I guess:

I'm CitrusTree, I'm 21 and form Argentina 🇦🇷. I also happen to be Non-Binary, and I go by whatever pronoun you feel my current vibes are giving you tho sometimes I like when people switch them around a bit :ablobmeltsoblove: I used to be around Mastodon, and maybe some people remember (I went by another name last time) me, but I kinda had a uh very bad year irl and dropped off the face of the earth for a long while and had an identity crises. (Cont)

Now I just decided that I really liked my time back in Mastodon but I feel uncomfy when using my older username because it feels masculine and kinda icky and gamery and I just am not that (Nor was I ever, on the later part, but still) so now I'm CitrusTree and I'm cheesed to meet you

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