Time to get my Chinese 5g microchip brain control vaccine folk

Aaand done, now to wait 15 minutes and I can go home. Ended up getting Sinopharm.

@maki i wonder which one I'll end up getting, probably the Chinese one, I think it was Sinopharm

@CitrusTree yeah everyone i heard of getting it these past couple days got sinopharm, seems like at the beginning of the week they were doing astrazeneca
I don't think sputnik is an option right now u___u

@maki my dad got Astrazeneca on the beginning of the month, I honestly don't really care much about which vaccine I'm getting as long as it works.

@CitrusTree yeah the only problem with sinopharm is the first dose doesnt do much but that also makes it so they hurry their fuck administering second doses so perhaps a blessing in disguise. Also apparently its effective against the delta variant!

@maki Yeah apparently I'm getting my second dose in 21 days, from what the nurse said.

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