The topic of the PRC is one where most people online will either defend every action taken by the CCP or violently oppose anything they do with no in between. To the point you have people on the left defending genocide and people on the right wishing death upon Chinese people for daring to exist.

I can only describe it as cringe, really.

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@CitrusTree I didn't think Mads' post on Xinjiang was precisely denial but it was really gross

Comparing ongoing genocides to decide which is worse is not worth doing

@LogicalDash I didn't see it, and I don't really think I know Mads so I don't feel like I can really give an opinion on them as a person, but this is a common occurrence on both sides of the spectrum and it's pretty cringe honestly. How the "discourse" is sort of polluted by people on the extremes

(I don't mean this in the "NASTY BAD COMMUNISTS" when I say extremes, considering I'm a communist myself, just wanted to specify that lol)

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