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You know what I hate more than smug Europeans? Smug Canadians.

Cuando los Libertontos dicen "El que es pobre es pobre porque quiere"?

Corchazo en la frente.

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me, typing "t" into the google search bar:

google: did you want to search "sandals with two blocks of wood on the bottom" again?

me: ohh, yeah, I remember this. I wanted to know the name of those, uhh, you know. those Japanese sandals? they help you walk through mud? tengu are traditionally said to wear a weird version with one block instead?


me: I guess I do want to search "sandals with two blocks of wood on the bottom" again

I have pure Xi Jinping thought flowing through my veins now

Aaand done, now to wait 15 minutes and I can go home. Ended up getting Sinopharm.

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Time to get my Chinese 5g microchip brain control vaccine folk

Gonna get my first jab tomorrow morning less goooo

Instantly blocking anyone with meme pronouns on bio has significantly increased my enjoyment of the internet.

Being the socialist/communist equivalent of a centrist is fun because I can call people both "Tankies" and "anarkiddies"

Maybe it's the fact that it's like "I just finished doing something creatively fulfilling, now I will try to market it by dismantling it down to its bare basics with keywords and buzzwords so people even look at my work for a second"

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Having to upload my work to redbubble and such and just typing keywords and tags on everything is incredibly dehumanizing and I can't quite point out why

Friends and even randoms seemed to love the set of ENA emoji I did so I pulled off a 1.2 version out of my ass and added like half a dozen new little ENA gremlins for fun's sake.

Oh shit I almost missed the breadtube discourse.

My take is that it's bad, that's it chief m

Street near my house is called Mom because we ain't British

I really enjoy when academics say shit like "It will significantly reduce your lifespan" instead of "It will fucking kill you".

I like your funny words, science man.

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Woah! Cool! Rich white dude got to space! I don't give a shit!

How about you stop or at least slow down the ongoing climate collapse so my whole city doesn't have to invest billions or sink within this century!

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Honestly I hate space so much, why do we seem to care more about escaping our problems in earth than actually trying to fix them.

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