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So yeah basically if anyone knows any way to make some cash, specially with design stuff, let me know because I need some STAT or I'll lose my ability to do my only job and getting a job is currently proving to be impossible for my underqualified ass.

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I think my computer is dying, I need to make money fast and buy a new CPU before it finally gives up.

Man I really want to upgrade this PC but these prices are fucking me up

I can make him do a little laugh :))))

lov skeletens <333

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whenever i see 2 new notifications i always hope it’s a fav & boost combo. very disappointing when it turns out to be two favs. if there are 2 boosts it means that something is wrong

I remember growing up listening to my dad's jazz albums as a kid and shit y'know,Chicken by Maceo Parker was my favorite as a little baby. It was fun, I still have a soft spot for it once in a while to have good memories. Growing up you absorb a lot of of it without realizing until you're full grown up and start to notice that "Woah, maybe my dad made me a giant communist by accident"

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I'm white as fuck, don't get me wrong here I am not trying to POC-ify myself, but my dad is very much a black person, maybe not an American black person but still a black person who in retrospect has always very much been interested in music and culture of POC (He's a gigantic jazzhead, full on Coltrane fangirl material) and experiencing said culture has affected me (positively) in ways I can only really notice now as an adult.

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In context, as an adult and even when living outside areas like the US, being raised by a white mom and a black dad really made me a different person than some of the people I know raised entirely by white parents.

Yes I did use the word "pog" unironically twice, sue me.

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Just file a few areas around the hip and such a bit and you're genderless, pretty pog.

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You know, being a skeleton would be pretty pog and gender

God really gives me their silliest battles sometimes, huh

Making a Linux joke and praying the Fossbros don't jump me

Someone should make a Linux iceberg and at the bottom of it there's only "Forbidden Arcane Adobe Software Linux Builds"

What's with games made un Unreal Engine and the bloom and other visual effects being through the roof?

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