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I hope others don't misconstrue my emoticon as a smiley with a teardrop, since an asterisk is sometimes used for this. That asterisk is my smiley's nose, and he is very proud of it. >:*O

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Just as well, I quite enjoy the calls of a mourning dove. What a beautiful bird.

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I wonder if coffee would make this day better. It hasn't been particularly bad, but coffee can make a lot of things better.

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I've made a short questionnaire for those with Systems in order to get to know an alter better. This can be useful and accessible for the host and other alters within said system and a good spot to keep basic info.

Please enjoy and share if you would like. :*) You can save separate copies for each alter. There are no triggering topics or questions included for your consideration.

Many of us have been staying on the sidelines aside from our host, because of the aforementioned. The hesitance of singlets seeing us and going "what's wrong with you? Why are you acting like that all of a sudden?" has made us go into reluctant hiding.

Well, why should we have shame in being out? It's not as if we chose being plural(some& do and I recognize this fact). We aren't harming anyone in simply being. Stigma is obnoxious.

Navigating a new place and much confusion ensues. How did I get disoriented while taking a bath? Only the brain knows. /lh

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I love all my trans friends and family. :*)

Some of the others are slowly beginning to call me "Chair Head" from an unforeseen event I had to endure. I suppose you can never choose your nicknames. /lh

Tired and now existing. Clap for me! /j

Sometimes plurality is being someone who handles intense situations while also having to ignore a wave of others in the background pointing and laughing at said situation.

I am a little spicy today. Spicy Jonathan who is a little calloused, as a treat!
Aside from this I am fairly dandy. /gen

This isn't particularly a vent, though I would say in our case it's good to not care. Your gentle reminder that you can choose to not care about things and people who will harm you.

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Intense drama ensues in this household and I twiddle my thumbs and look the other way. As it should be!

I, a grown cis man, will admit I enjoy My Melody. Primarily the version of her with a red hood. It may reduce my testosterone levels and competency as a man, but we all make choices we don't want to in life. /j

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for trans day of visibility everyone should follow my art account (this one) because i make lovely art that is great and wonderful really top tier stuff not a single bad product in sight :happey:

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digital mockup for a blockprint i want to make.. im very intimidated to start though Q_Q

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Lyrics he put onto loop in our head, to anyone who is curious:

Got circles on my face like I'm Yoko Ono / And a hundred different reasons why I'm flyin' solo

( )

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While taking photos of myself in some eyeliner, host was repeating lyrics in our head to boost my morale. When he's not at front, we only get communication from him through music or sounds, normally. Think Bumble Bee of Transformers.

It's often very silly and funny, on his end. :*)

There's an internal trans ceremony, and I'm missing it! /j

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I keep getting thoughts from the inside like "trans-ing your gender" and "transification". Which could be coming from a number of people. Or, alternatively, all of those people at once. /j

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