I wrote this out to help us personally, but felt it could be shared with others:

If someone reacts wildly to a plain statement you made, it reflects much more on what type of person they are, than who you are. They *chose* to act and react in this manner, none of it was of your will. Every human has the innate right and ability to react freely to stimuli, and when one uses that to make you feel minuscule, that is their choice and theirs alone. You were and are not a factor of this.

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And frankly, they would have chose it no matter what you had said. Their goal is to make you want to shrink down so they can tower. You cannot control how others will react to your own truths. You can only choose and learn to react with poise in the face of a manipulator. And, if setting a realistic boundary upsets said manipulator; that is fine enough of an indicator to leave the situation immediately. No matter how much one would stomp their childish feet at it. "No" is a full sentence.

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