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Pros of being me: I am myself.

Cons of being me: I am myself, and this also means I will have an anxiety attack over cornbread, proceed to be unable to move or sit up for hours, while feeling incredibly dizzy and nauseated.

In other similar news, our dear host has been having a good slumber within the brain. Meaning, we have no host at this time! Is it strange? A little. Do we mind being out more instead? No, and yes.

The people we live with currently are quite a headache. We strongly dislike them. So it is a little isolating. The most we can do is compromise, and hold our heads high in spite of the tribulations.

Beatri is a darling and a half, but I fear her high need for carrot consumption. Any time we are around or are chopping them, immediately we can sense her around. Just waiting to pounce onto the carrot and devour.

We may have to stage an intervention. Worst case scenario, we will end up with orange tinted skin. /j

@noizpride Thinking very much on your word choice here, and it's going to be in my brain for eons. I was going to originally put "thinking very hard", but contextually, it was not fitting. /j

It was at least a tasty cup. I'd have another, but our body isn't too keen on coffee. My biggest bane, truly. /hj

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Waiting unreasonably long for my coffee. I'm not ordering any, it has just taken me quite a while to make a pot here at home. Hm.

Hm. Something has been making the body tense since I've been around today. Sleep would probably be a good idea, and I might take a melatonin. Hopefully it doesn't leave us feeling like a train wreck in the morning.

I did try, but it didn't come out as I'd like. I'm sure someone else could draw them better than I... It's hard to depict this newcomer since they are in hiding rather often. Hm...

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Forever going to muse over our Host's response to incense lulling him to sleep as: "get bonked with hot sleep stick". It particularly tickles me, haha. :*)

I think I will attempt to draw one of our newer family members. I'm not quite savvy in the art field, but it is worth a try. I know our host as well likes to have visuals of us. Understandably so!

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Basically, I popped out and am now dealing with a reasonable amount of pain. Our body hurts also. My eyes are burning. Lord knows what happened today... It's probably for the better that our host did that. He wouldn't have unless he felt he needed to.

I feel a little bad I didn't know today was a sour day for him. But we can be here for him now. That's what matters.

Our host found a way to shove himself out of front and cause another to be pushed forward. It happened to be me, whether by choice or not I have no idea.

I wish I could say I found it impressive, since I am the gatekeeper. And I suppose it is... But our head really hurts after the harsh jostling.

I really did pin all my frustrations into Met Gala with this post. I can't say it's undeserved, though at the time of posting this I was stressed. Ah well.

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Met Gala feels so cruel to me as a concept. A small few get to have lavish festivity while those in squalor watch from far below with dazzled eyes, wool upon them all the while. Up on a haughty pedestal of wealth and over-ego.

Truly a dystopian atmosphere. Leave me out of it.

Time to re-toot the cable box, as they say. At least I have to say it, anyway.

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