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Also, hello to those on here! We have... been having some issues as a system, new things and new (bad) items pertaining to our host. But all will be well in time. Or at least, a little better. I believe so.

When the cable box needs resetting and starts up again, it displays the word "boot". But the display is slightly off, and does not spell that anymore. Can you take a guess of what it says?

Toot. The answer is Toot. Our cable box has to re-toot.

I also drew Gloomy for K. I do hope lith will like it; I will leave it here as a surprise. :*) @kiskoul

I have not shared with you here that I created a character named Caterwaul. He is my magnum opus.

@Redleaveshavefallen They are all lovely as always! We all adore your works. :*)

POV: You are Christian. You decide to open a Bible of your choice and laxly read through various passages. You begin reading obscene paragraphs filled with misogyny and therefore the encouragements of hyper masculinity. Among other Holy atrocities.

You close your book and just decide to actually just be a good man, and that some pages in a book are not always reliable.

I am a lean, but not particularly mean, protector fronting machine.

I also ate a cheeseburger. It was good.

roommate pettiness 

@noizpride A man of true neutral chaos, I see. I can say I would consider the same honestly.

The concept of emoticons being sentient and having thought is intriguing, but also a tad horrifying. This is how we gained The Emoji Movie and I must say, that was an atrocity on mankind.

I hope others don't misconstrue my emoticon as a smiley with a teardrop, since an asterisk is sometimes used for this. That asterisk is my smiley's nose, and he is very proud of it. >:*O

Mustaches are itchy and inconvenient. And then I would perhaps have to invest in a mustache comb; the mere miniature status of such would cause me to lose all masculinity. I cannot own a barbie doll sized comb and simultaneously have my male identity intact. /j

*surrounded by bio family as they watch tv*
"I just don't think beards look good without the mustache."

... I have a beard with no mustache.

And frankly, they would have chose it no matter what you had said. Their goal is to make you want to shrink down so they can tower. You cannot control how others will react to your own truths. You can only choose and learn to react with poise in the face of a manipulator. And, if setting a realistic boundary upsets said manipulator; that is fine enough of an indicator to leave the situation immediately. No matter how much one would stomp their childish feet at it. "No" is a full sentence.

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I wrote this out to help us personally, but felt it could be shared with others:

If someone reacts wildly to a plain statement you made, it reflects much more on what type of person they are, than who you are. They *chose* to act and react in this manner, none of it was of your will. Every human has the innate right and ability to react freely to stimuli, and when one uses that to make you feel minuscule, that is their choice and theirs alone. You were and are not a factor of this.

My day has improved exponentially after a cup of coffee. And from watching Cleo's morning kitty antics. And from cinnamon sugar toast. May I later have some sort of crash? Perhaps. We will cross that road when it approaches.

@JACKSON Although your thoughts are rather politically charged, you are correct in that it's also become quite the political platform. It's often nothing but screaming matches, and no "winners". Even in topics without politics. It's why we migrated over here to masto, truly. The people here are rather kind in most cases.

I sometimes wonder if making a collective twitter account would be nice again. But then I remember it caused all of us an uncanny amount of stress. The DID and Plural community does a lot of fighting, and not a lot of being a community that would, you know, get along.

I toot this because our body refuses sleep, and I have been trying to for... 5 hours. Please press the button.

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