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I wrote this out to help us personally, but felt it could be shared with others:

If someone reacts wildly to a plain statement you made, it reflects much more on what type of person they are, than who you are. They *chose* to act and react in this manner, none of it was of your will. Every human has the innate right and ability to react freely to stimuli, and when one uses that to make you feel minuscule, that is their choice and theirs alone. You were and are not a factor of this.

My day has improved exponentially after a cup of coffee. And from watching Cleo's morning kitty antics. And from cinnamon sugar toast. May I later have some sort of crash? Perhaps. We will cross that road when it approaches.

I sometimes wonder if making a collective twitter account would be nice again. But then I remember it caused all of us an uncanny amount of stress. The DID and Plural community does a lot of fighting, and not a lot of being a community that would, you know, get along.

I toot this because our body refuses sleep, and I have been trying to for... 5 hours. Please press the button.

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I would like to acquire a sleep sentence; it works similarly to a death sentence, however it is significantly less morally charged and debated. You only have to press a button and it causes me to fall asleep instantly.

I will now proceed to age 20 years and gain 8 prominent wrinkles upon my face due to stress. A grisly transformation.

*becomes an obnoxious 12 year old*
Can you teach me how to draw? I wish I was an artist. Did you actually draw that?

Hm... I keep forgetting if I have anything I need to do. I probably don't, but forgetfulness will tell you otherwise.

Is the body... just tired all the time now? I suppose so. We are without a med that helps our other meds work at their best efficiency. Hopefully we will get more, eventually. It's a slow road at times.

Body is oh so tired... It worries me a little, actually. But the most we can do is get some rest, I suppose. Zzz...

Wheat in particular is fond of Snoopy, and that was the only real app I could find for him to try and play. Maybe we'll stumble across something else sometime.

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Unusual amount of lag for an app game that pertains to Snoopy. Not particularly favorable from a developer standpoint. Why was it half of a Gigabyte? Good grief.

I think we should just allow those within plurality to live a more convenient life. If you don't believe in dissociative disorders or otherwise, I suppose you just don't. But we still exist despite that. The rocks they throw are just another pebble on the boulders already on our backs. It seems we still have a way to go in terms of actual acceptance.

The developers are dealing with the aftermath of a DDOS, and for now it's nonfunctional as they work to repair the servers. I don't mind that part at all, but also; who on earth is wasting their time to crash an app made to help plurals? It's frankly embarrassing, and as Kell has thought on, crudely ableist. We see this far too much for our community in so many ways.

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We have not had much solid switching in our system, so our host has been out for some time. Just as I decided to take a step out I find that Simply Plural is currently down. Good grief.

I'm also sorry it pinged you twice... I didn't realize it was there. :*O

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@noizpride I don't care for romance for myself, I have no interest in that. But seeing others fall in love or being in love... Adorable. I am a ball of sappy emotions.

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@noizpride recommended to me a soft romance manga and it made me feel like this:

It was very adorable. :'*) I'm still feeling sentimental and sappy. Love..!

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