Today I tested out my dual-gaming rig with a friend.

He was running Dota 2 in a virtual Windows machine, and I was playing the Linux version on the host.

We both pulled around 100 FPS on average. I am pretty excited!

Does anyone here have experience with weird, glitchy audio in Ubuntu 20 running as a VM?

Dear diary,

Today, my local coffee supplier looked me in the eyes while serving my order and said:

"Take care of yourself. Seriously."

and I am not sure how to deal with it without acknowledging my substance abuse.

Weather was nice, though.

I have never been a huge fan of RTS games, nor have I ever possessed any form of strategic ability.

But watching gameplay from 0 A.D. makes me instantly want to learn this genre.

It seems like such a high quality game, and the music is crazy good. And it is free!?

I feel like I have been missing out.

Look, I know, okay? I am fully aware that I have no profile picture.

The thing is, my face is an insult to symmetry, and my abilities as an artist are comparable to those of an infant.

In conclusion, the stock elephant avatar is much preferred.

It was recently brought to my attention that I never made an toot. I am not one to blatantly ignore protocol or tradition, so here goes.

I am a software developer trying to cope with adulthood by desperately denying it and clinging to old habits and interests.

Those include, but are not limited to, gaming, fiddeling around with perfectly working software until it breaks and arguing with Linux; my cat.

I have no intention of ever tooting something profound or meaningful.

I have signed up for a free XMPP server and am now trying to push the idea to a few of my friends.

If this doesn't work auditions will be held for new friends. Send your application now.

Sometimes I really wish I knew a single soul IRL who would opt for an IM service based on XMPP or Matrix rather than some proprietary garbage owned by Facebook.

Bioshock Infinite is such an impressive game, it defies description.

The gameplay is fun, and the setting is just eery and creepy. I love it!

I wonder where T-Pain is hurting. Maybe it is serious.

Finally got my desktop back to running Linux. Last few months have been one big compromise!

I have decided to switch back to game titles that are supported in Linux exclusively. Most of the games I play on Windows tend to fuel my depression anyway lmao.

Also, it seems now is as good a time as any to put to the test.

Looking for good suggestions for mechanical keyboards for work.

Preferably TKL, I have no desire for media keys, macro keys or funky, proprietary software that work in Windows exclusively and will turn my peripherals into epic gamer-RGB-infested seizure hazzards.

I need robustness and decent tactile feedback.

In case no one was wondering, I upped my dosis yesterday from a quadruple to a sextuple espresso as my morning coffee.

Coffee machines at work are off limits due to contamination of the local water source.

Needless to say I am starting to consider unemployment.

Since I went from being a developer to being an architect I barely ever do any coding.

Instead I talk to important strangers about how to code in theory.

It is a strange feeling.

My downstairs neighbor just knocked on the door and politely mentioned that he had noticed we ordered a lot of takeout. He had some issues with the website and asked for our expertise. I was not ready for that.

People often ask me, "piss off, noone likes you!"

Yesterday I was told I tend to use words in the wrong contexts. Oh, the irony.

I can't wait for consumer release of the new APU series. My gaming rig will litterally be twice as good.

I wrote a poem about my problems, which I will now recite. Ahem. Lights please...

As I sat here and tooted with glee,
I realized I needed to pee.
My eyes became glazy,
but alas, I was lazy,
now my trousers are sticking to me.

Powerful stuff. I know.

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