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Ok, got my account set up if you want to share books recommendations:

I'm also on but that's going to take longer to populate -- is there an app yet?

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Fair warning— I’m one of those who shares everything on her mind online but in person I make like the wall and I are best friends.

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I am looking for something else to get into besides Twitter and Instagram. As an , I prefer communicating on my own terms when I have the energy.

I love , , , , and the Oxford comma. and often paralyze me from following my hobbies and dreams. Research goodess with excellent Google-Fu, I like helping people solve problems.

I love the series by Ben Aaronovitch, but ISTG book 9 assumes you’ve caught up on all the graphic novels/comics/short stories.

This is one book I wouldn’t mind a little extra exposition.

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"recognizing trans people diminishes women" is the same shit as "recognizing LGBT marriages diminishes straight marriages" and hearing it isn't any more convincing this time. Just trying to stoke a fake-ass rivalry between people bigots are terrified of facing as a united front

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This photo of miyazaki being absolutely done with everything is my mood for the rest of the week

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especially as we will be seeing more of it:

childhood sexual abuse and pedophilia are great CW tags to use when discussing children needing abortions

Truth be told, I’m going to miss spending most of the day in the backyard.

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sometimes, there is a definite disadvantage to buying bulk .... anyone want/need some Awake Chocolate?

I should be working on my chamber but I’m suddenly tired

My grey hairs are more stubborn than a teenager and cat put together

So much for spending the day outside. The sky is already spitting on me.


Wordle 381 4/6


That seemed harder than it should have been

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Folks, you might want to block so people don’t get confused as it’s a parody account but is refusing to mark itself as such.

The original account,, does great work in sharing information about the fediverse and I’d hate to see it negatively impacted in any way by this.

If you are parodying another fediverse account, don’t be a douchebag and mark your account as a parody.

#fediverse #block

I know is there a @pixelfed app yet for photos? Or just the live streaming one I’ve seen discussions of? Cc @dansup


If you’re going to annoy your neighbors, traumatizing all the pets, by setting off illegal fireworks, the least you can do is clean up your fucking mess instead of making parents do it before their kids can play.


I’m 5’8 and this sunflower is still growing!!!!

My dogs might be *a little bit* spoiled since I have 3+ different treat jars for them.
1. Teeth cleaning
2. Training treats
3. Milkbone
4. Dasequin MSM

This does not include their starmark everlasting treats for when we leave the house nor the ice cream I make them 😂 or anything we happen to pickup at Polka Dog while shopping

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This year’s 4th of July celebrations seem more hypocritical than ever

First bite of watermelon in decades took me back to childhood

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This July 4, can you help a Black queer femme keep xheir health insurance? Goal is $3k, but anything helps!

Attached are undescribed images of Sunyata's excellent grades at xheir college where xhey are taking poetry and photography classes.

venmo: liberationforall
cashapp: $vsunnymoon


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