I am looking for something else to get into besides Twitter and Instagram. As an , I prefer communicating on my own terms when I have the energy.

I love , , , , and the Oxford comma. and often paralyze me from following my hobbies and dreams. Research goodess with excellent Google-Fu, I like helping people solve problems.

UGH! TYPO -- time to put my readers on.


Fair warning— I’m one of those who shares everything on her mind online but in person I make like the wall and I are best friends.

@Dananner Sounds like I’m in the right place then. Is there a hashtag for those of us who are like this?

@davscomur not yet but we can create one! I have been described by friends as a 🤣

@Dananner same but you’re at a better level of introvert than me, at least you think you ask people for hug when you meet them 😅 I still remember that from when we met at the Android BBQ (it’s also funny so many former Android nerds I know are now using iPhones).

I went to an art show recently for my brother’s uncle (we have different dads) and his twin was also there. I was sure if I could hug her or not and was afraid to ask.

@Dananner she then helped out one of my friends with something and they asked if she was a hugger and then once they hugged I was like oh okay cool. I guess it’s safe to hug her too 🤣🤣🤣

@extravagantGEEK watching other people counts too! But I already know I’m awkward and after a drink or two I just embrace it and get the embarrassing bits out of the way so we can focus on the fun.

@extravagantGEEK everyone in my family switched and I was the lone green bubble…

@Dananner this is amazing to read said out loud, totally relatable. After knowing people online when they meet me they always say not at all what they expected.

Hi. Welcome!
I'm an alter kacker (Yiddish for "old fart" only... less sanitary).
I am old enough to have *eagerly looked forward* to the premiere of Star Trek and to have seen the first Star Wars during its initial run at the Ziegfeld Theater in NY.
I don't so much battle anxiety and depression as I've learned to... surf through them.
I'll decide whether to formally follow you when I see if you sustain your current density of posts... I might just check in, periodically.

@baslow hello.
Instead of Emo-barfing on my friends, I shout into the void. Talk therapy. You should have seen me on the bird site my first few years. People unfollowed me because I filled up their stream 😬

What's the phrase you whippersnappers (or maybe it's a previous generation of whippersnappers) use: "You do you"?
It's fine.
I'll have to try Emo-barfing (after I do a little research to make sure I know what it means). I'll see how far I get before my wife (gently) raises objections...
As it stands I've decided to (Warning: self-promoting links!) start blogging: asorrybowl.blog/
and photo-blogging: pixelfed.asorrybowl.blog/baslo

@baslow Emo-barfing is a phrase I made up to describe emotionally vomiting on people.

Been there, done that.
I had what was then called a "nervous breakdown" in the seventh grade, which propelled me into various forms of therapy until my late-30's -- including a fair share of group therapy.
Most memorable moment: Repeatedly bashing a pillow (meant to represent my father) with a foam bat, while crying and yelling at it/him, in front of a group of 15 people who -- try as they might -- weren't *that* interested in my personal problems...

...but enough about *you*, let's talk about *me*...

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