Ok, got my account set up if you want to share books recommendations:

I'm also on but that's going to take longer to populate -- is there an app yet?

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@Dananner I have dipped my toe in pixelfed as well and don’t think there’s an app for it.

@chillicampari ack! I finally switched to iOs- I’ll find something. Thank you (or else charge up my pixel 2)

@Dananner I just got my invite for it. Have to make time to set it up.

@bloodravenlib I started the export from Goodreads and walked away from my computer when it took longer than a minute 😅

@Dananner That is usually how those things go. Like Ron Popeil used to say, "set it and forget it."

@bloodravenlib how long did it take for your invite to arrive from when you signed up? I’m going on 4-5 days…

@Dananner I’ve never used a reading site but want to start so I’ve been looking at also. Pixelfed set up also and about to put a zillion photos up before posting to share it. Kind of fun to set up little fediverse accounts honestly. 🐢

@continuation it is! I’m looking at write freely instances to potentially start blogging at.

@Dananner me too! It’s on my little To Do list. I want to move some things from Medium, and start writing somewhere else. Old internet here we come.

Followed! I haven't really been using my bookwyrm account but keen to make some friends on the platform. #noxp

@Dananner @continuation I apologize if this is a butt-in. Can I follow this bookwyrm account from this Mastodon app somehow?

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