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How BIPOC friendly is the instance?

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Well, that joke blew up. And me without a SoundCloud.

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This is a fascinating look at the potential causes behind Covid "brain fog" - even mild infections can cause massive long-term effects

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Lil Momma Crochet is a crochet designer who does tutorial videos about crocheting. You can follow at:

➡️ @lilmommacrochet

If the videos aren't visible from your server yet, you can see them all at

#LilMommaCrochet #Crochet #Crafts #Craft #Handicrafts #Handicraft #Yarn #Tutorials #Videos

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I think it's important to talk about people like these as well as enslaved people who spoke up for themselves because the excuse of "it was a different time, people thought it was ok back then, attitudes changed" does not hold up.

There were always people saying this is fucked up, and they did it anyway. Because it was a system with organized political and economic power that could defend itself. Don't be deluded it existed bc everyone agreed it was good.

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That spike protein we targeted with mRNA vaccines? There had been some minor drift in that area with variants, including the versions of omicron that were showing up late winter, but for the most part if you had some fresh antibodies kicking around, they were pretty suited to the job.

BA.5 is different, and it's becoming the dominant strain. In BA.5, that spike protein has changed dramatically, and your vaccine, and even an infection from late winter or spring with an earlier omicron variant, might do fuck-all for you. It's also seeming to escape at least one treatment option.

Masks maaaaasks masks :flan_mask2:​ please if you're inside

Plants watered, meds, coffee. I’m ready to call it a day.

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I have seen several references on my social media feeds to the video of Ardern speaking at Chatham House on her recent visit to the UK. It has, so far, received only a few hundred views on YouTube, but it is well worth watching the entire 60-odd minutes. She is articulate, intelligent, warm and witty. Sure, I'm a fan of hers, but it is extremely disappointing that her talk has not received wider coverage here in New Zealand. She is immensely talented and a fine PM.

Body image, not positive 

Living in Boston has made me fat. Found images from 2016 when I *thought* I was fat and … I’m not. There’s actually room between my stomach and boobs and my jeans look good.

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Because I’m already pre-migraine and adding IBS symptoms on top of that because of an ass waiter is not my idea of a good time.

The black truffle norcini pizza is absolutely worth it though.

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I have a feeling I’m going to be taking charcoal tonight

And then I asked for the GF flour blend on my pizza and he asked “celiac or sensitive” — me: sensitivities. Him - three tasteless jokes in a row about my drink and oyster order being gluten-free 😡

I have turned into an oyster snob. I asked “what oysters do you have?” He said “Island Creek”
Me: internally- ass, I can read. WHICH ISLAND CREeK? Duxbury? Wellfleet? Aunt Ann’s? I mean, what flavor profiles are we getting and what size? We have preferences!

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