I'm now having to defend my father (a Dutch national who has been in the U. K since 1962) married to my British mother for 50 years (even had a "Telegram" from the Queen) against fascistic behaviour from our Conservative pro Brexit government.
Born in 1936, he remembers the Nazis.
Where are your papers?
Thank you Mr Johnson.

Open source is at the ♥️ of Tutanota. This way we make sure that Tutanota is absolutely free of any Google services, even our captcha and our Android app: tutanota.com/blog/posts/open-s

Being an Einstein fan, if I can get one I'm spending the cash.

New year, better privacy: Social services are mainly tracking machines. Happy to see you've already joined us here on @Mastodon BTW: If you share this post with your friends, they'll find an invite link to Mastodon. 😉

Tor is out now. It includes improved support for application integration of onion services, support for building in a client-only mode, newly improved internal documentation, plus numerous other small bugfixes and features.

@Decoherence thanks for the recommendation. I am liking them.

cat meows
I let cat in
cat leaves after a while

Personally I just try not to leave any amount up there.

**Having fled bombing, Syrian children learn to read in borderland tent schools**

"Syrian teacher Ahmad al Hilal listens to his young pupils sitting on a mat reciting the Arabic alphabet in a makeshift school in a tent on the outskirts of a sprawling refugee camp city along …"


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“If the Court agrees with the [Advocate general]’s opinion, then unlawful bulk surveillance schemes, including one operated by the UK, will be reined in.”


Back on "Eve online" , at the moment you can donate plex (CCP are asking for a minimum 100 plex) to help with the Australian wildfire crisis.
More details on the login screen.
If you are a player, please donate.

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