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A few reasons I like :arch:

New software but still stable
Supports doing things your own way (for the most part)
No GUI installer raises the barrier to entry
It’s flexible
Huge selection of software
Isn’t owned by a large corporation
Doesn’t have an anti-harassment team removing packages because they contain the word β€œboob”
None of this bullshit
You get to say β€œbtw I use arch”


@fedilab After updating Fedilab, I started receiving notifications that the application had been launched. Okay, the obvious thing. What does Fedilab do that Android already complains that the application is wasting its power?

Okay, I'm lying here a little bit. In fact, I can send messages, but after sending, there is an "unknown" error. I have to use VK Messenger and Kate Mobile to send messages to my friends.

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Probably temporarily moved to Brave, but I can't send VKontakte messages normally anymore. Thanks for the tracking protection feature, Brave!

I wish people would help me with translation, but I'm the only one there, even the creator isn't active 😭

Arch for Dummies

Arch Linux is a really nice distro offering flexibility and speed. Even though it’s a meme […]

It's funny to see that some music in VKontakte is not available with VPN enabled.

I always want to make my own instance of Mastodon and instance of Matrix, but I have no money for the domain and server. I don't know why, but I want to have almost everything, not only make music.


you cannot be spied by google

if you chromebook device is bricked

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