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When you see a shirt you want, but you know it's going to have a limited number of laughs before you never wear it again.

Didn't know the dog was the one being instructed at first... @headempty

@dubh oh I have no doubt it's one of those german level compound words. Lol

This is what I get for peeking in on how iFunny is doing nowadays.

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I fucking forgot how good rootbeer is... Omg

@icedquinn Kind of looks like Code: Vein sort of vibe if the CV devs gave a shit about that game.

@goat because why be a little over the top when you can go WAY OVER the top.

So I just watched a hour long doc on bronys or bronies? should've checked the spelling I guess. Point is I'm a productivity master. :ablobderpy:

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@icedquinn can't argue that one bit, almost fried one of my cheaper laptops trying to hook it up to my displays and carry a zoom call :ablobderpy:

Singing to my cats is one of the greatest joys in my life. Even though it's just a blank staring audience.

@icedquinn Don't you know, the more monitors the more productivity :02smug:

Stop me, I'm back on my crypto kick and I don't need to be gambling :AAAAAA:

Takes a coding class, hates working with other people, quits coding class. I'll just keep her as a hobby. XD

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