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That moment when the entire neighborhood of birds goes silent in an instant... :ablobthinkingeyes:

Captains log, day 2 of pointless fluff and not enough code.

Switches from Ubuntu to Windows to make class format easier... Windows is harder because of PuTTy and Powershell.

When the instructor goes over the syllabus for the 5th time... Toot away!

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I wake up to be productive... then I proceed to waste the morning on reddit. Typical Wednesday.

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What did the super market clerk say to the Kitty that tried to return his empty bag of catnip

Sorry sir this product is nyanrefundable

*tlaps the mic*
Is this thing on?

I'm honestly thinking about going back to streaming a few days out of the week. Any suggestions?

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I should get more sleep.

But sleep is for the weak.

The most mundane aspect of my life... applying for jobs.

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