tip for later: don't go to sleep while feeling really thirsty, because you will end up even more dry in the morning

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dragon oc sketch thing.

just kinda felt like creating a new character/dragon oc and ended up making this. pretty happy with it if I say so myself.

speaking of which... followers, you people, why do you follow me exactly?

the main reasons why I got an account here is that DitzyFlama had an account here. the main reason why I use this account instead of the second two is that I got the most followers here

alrhough yeah, that is actually often compared to how active I am usually

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maybe, I'll write here more often... could be cool

this manjaro pamac is starting to annoy me, it's been downloading 2gb of updates for a few hours now. true, my internet may be slow, but not this slow.

health issues i guess? 

also sorry for writing that, this profile was supposed to be anything but personal stuff, I just feel a need to write this somewhere, to feel better I guess

So, I have disabled my Discord account and renamed the
username to "DeIeted account".

It's not actually deleted though, I couldn't bring myself to do that, plus I'm sure I will come back to it.
I just kinda spend a bit too much time there when I don't really have time for it.
(plus i wanted to find out what disable account button does)

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Before the release of Heritage for The Future, there used to be a page on the official promo site claiming that Akuma was planned for the game. The Wayback Machine hasn't archived this page however, but a recreation of it has been reuploaded on my website: flyingparafin.neocities.org/ch

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Do you use an RSS/Atom reader?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

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