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Our new university-led Space Technology Research Institutes will bring together premier researchers from different backgrounds to advance electric propulsion ground testing and entry systems modeling for exploring the Moon, Mars, and beyond. Learn more:

Amazon is forcing delivery drivers to undergo surveillance of their location, movement, and biometric data. And if they don't sign the "consent" form? They are fired.

The fact COVID cases are spiking in a dozen States with high vaccination rates indicate vaccination is spawning viral mutations that turn vaccinated individuals into superspreaders.

The vaccine suppresses symptoms, but fails to halt transmission.

A vaccine-induced health catastrophe is unfolding.

The first blog by the #MarsHelicopter team has lifted off. Find out why weather forecasting on Mars is in some ways more straightforward than here on Earth and why it’s important for Ingenuity’s upcoming first flight. Cruise through the details:

We just realized that Legend of Zelda's 35th anniversary was February 21

And Nintendo did /nothing/

What the fuck, Nintendo?

Americans are quick to blame China, Russia, negroes, Muslims, illegal immigrants, females, and boomers for the US collapse, but Americans never blame the government or themselves.

**Astronomers discover nearby 'super-Earth'**

"Gliese 486 b has earth-like traits. Though it is unlikely to harbor life, scientists say it could offer vital data in the search for extraterrestrial life."

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The Mars Ascent Propulsion System contract has been awarded to @NorthropGrumman. This moves @nasa & @ESA closer to realizing Mars Sample Return, a mission that will collect @NASAPersevere's samples for return to Earth and build upon decades of exploration.

[SPONSORED] In 2021, 80% of executives report that their organizations are planning big moves, such as acquiring a new business or divesting one, launching a new business model, or implementing automation. Learn more: #Tech #MIT

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Chinese spies cloned and actively used cyber offensive tool codes, developed by the U.S. National Security Agency, for their hacking operations, according to a report by Check Point Software Technologies. #India

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Join @NASAPersevere on Mars! Check out this immersive @Instagram filter created in collaboration with @NatGeo that lets you control our rover and explore the landing site in Jezero Crater. You can even take a selfie with our robotic scientist 📸…

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