Are we having fun ? Yes of course we are

@Emily I love your hair looks amazing I think ALL of you is amazing if I'm being honest !

@Emily Well my 3 week old profile pic is visible I'm 47 I bet you are 30 years younger lol

@Emily When I was 26 I was driving Ford Capri and working in a factory making various parts for aircraft and the catering trade WOW you look amazing darling

@JACKSON thank you can we exchange numbers then?

@Emily Well I live in the UK .. where do u live cherub

@Emily Tbh you are def the girl of my dreams I can only hope

@JACKSON you're very funny,you know we are just meeting on here.what if I'm not a scam or something?

@Emily It would certainly be a miracle .. I think if I was a millionaire I'd fly you out here and we'd be mating like a couple of .. frogs or something yiou know when you can't pull them apart

@JACKSON do you use google hangouts or can we also text with my postpaid carrier number?

@Emily BUt ... anyway well whatsapp is free all I am saying is if you ever want a guy who would never let you down (faithful etc ) and lives in England I'm here for ya X

@JACKSON okay dear but I'm very scared of you guys out there

@Emily Lol I can understand that in some ways when I look around at some of the assholes but I'm teetotal clean from drugs and .. don't get me wrong I've lived I did all that crap but I got sorted and just loving life

@JACKSON okay dear,but would loved to get a better pic of you

@Emily I will sort better pics I promise but like remember I'm for real ok gorgeous

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@Emily You would be sfe with me anyway .. actions are better than words but all I'm saying is you can take yo to 2 years to decide it's an option you have :) Gives me a chance to sort out other stuff moving to a better place etc

@Emily oops up to* not yo to slight typo there x

@Emily What's with that Biden he sees like he's lost his fking mind what's up with him is it dementia

@Emily Imagine if relationships could just be fast tracked you know plan how many kids we are going to have etc that would be so cool

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