@justalive21 yeah,I do a making up job but I stopped for now so I can take good care of my granny

@justalive21 okay that's cool,you can always text me on here,or do you have something in mind,you wanna talk to me about

@stujr@fosstodon.org I can only text with my cellphone number 4063062955,you can text me on there now

@stujr@fosstodon.org I'm unable to access it now coz my carrier is a postpaid but I can just text you direct via 4063062955

@stujr@fosstodon.org but I have not ever used the app,lemme go check it first

@stujr@fosstodon.org we can text via my cellphone number coz it is a postpaid carrier,but that's if you want to

@stujr@fosstodon.org okay that's cool can we talk somewhere else like Google hangouts so we can have ultimate privacy or what do you think?

@stujr@fosstodon.org what do you do for a living?

@stujr@fosstodon.org yeah that's cool,I'm from California but currently in Dallas,Tx to take care of my granny

@stujr@fosstodon.org I mean your country and state?

@stujr@fosstodon.org where are you chatting from?

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