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Haven't done my

Twitter refugee, same @. I love this place, it's so pure, it reminds me of back in the day twitter. Tw still active - for now

I love a shitpost, giving or receiving. I'm dead happy loads of mutuals are here but I'd like newbies too. Bit upset about the lack of giffery but I'll get over it


Came over here to see if it's any less awful?

Good evening, Piers Morgan has just been called a cunt live on his shit TV programme by some legend in Manchester

Courtesy of the bird app, I have a wonderful new human staying in my house until Friday. We've never met before and they are just fabulous. We've had such a lovely evening and I can't wait to see them perform at their show tomorrow

I hope I make such great connections here too ❤❤❤

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#fediverse newcomers: Welcome to your first collective outrage/sorrow experience! There's some etiquette here for the occasion: the ✨ content warning ✨

If you drop your takes and commiserations under a CW, people can choose to engage with the doomscroll or skip it entirely.

It's not censorship; it's empathy.

#feditips #noxp

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i will happily walk the streets going door to door to raise gofundme cash and make this movie a reality.

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Hello, I'm John. I'm a lawyer working in Toronto, Canada. I practice criminal law and constitutional law. I really try to keep the law talk to a minimum. I'm here mostly for the art, the science, the music, and the kindness. Looking for/trying my best to give generous engagement only. Optimistic. Circumspect.

Tomorrow I am hosting a complete stranger from twitter for 2 nights and I think we are going to have such a blast together I cannot wait

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I love the content warning option. I don't see any problem with using it loads.

Some peeps are upset by seeing things, so it's simple to say what a toot is about and they can scroll on.

I'm actively avoiding stuff about war and politics when I can. So thank you to people CWing those toots.

A big happy birthday to one of my favourite humans ❤ @CrustyBumbler

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@PublicChaffinch @FrazzledBrynn There are literally so many brands of tractors with dirty names, we could be here all day: Bull Power, Cockshutt Plow, Cub Cadet, Mech Bull, Fluid Drag...even Hitachi makes tractors.

Good afternoon and welcome to bank Holiday weekend

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Hallo zusammen,

Ich muss mal mein #neuhier erneuern.
Der Alte war etwas zu einfach gestrickt.

Also ich interessiere mich fürs trösten zu Alltäglichem, Politik, Gesellschaft und demokratischen Diskurs und Medizin, so allgemein.

Und da wir hier sind, nicht auf #twitter bin ich an allem vernünftige auch interessiert 🙂

Ich persönlich bin 32 Jahre alt, habe dank einer Menengitis eine sehr schwere Epilepsie erworben🤕😫

Hassen tue ich Nazis, AfD'ler, Putin-Fetischisten und Schwurbler und Co 🤬

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We are hoping to go to Brussels for a few days in October. Anyone got any tips for good places to visit? We went to Bruges a few years ago and loved the architecture, restaurants and bars.

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Looking for recommendations of who to follow on here.

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TransPlus have bumped their acceptance date! If you're waiting for your first GIC appointment and registered with TransPlus or 56 Dean St before March 31 2022, you can expect to hear from them in the coming weeks. ^_^

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