Came over here to see if it's any less awful?

Good evening, Piers Morgan has just been called a cunt live on his shit TV programme by some legend in Manchester

@colinwmd I haven't really don't owt good recently that I felt to toot about

Courtesy of the bird app, I have a wonderful new human staying in my house until Friday. We've never met before and they are just fabulous. We've had such a lovely evening and I can't wait to see them perform at their show tomorrow

I hope I make such great connections here too ❤❤❤

@colinwmd you know cool doggo, he's a tw mutual (we've actually hung out)

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#fediverse newcomers: Welcome to your first collective outrage/sorrow experience! There's some etiquette here for the occasion: the ✨ content warning ✨

If you drop your takes and commiserations under a CW, people can choose to engage with the doomscroll or skip it entirely.

It's not censorship; it's empathy.

#feditips #noxp

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i will happily walk the streets going door to door to raise gofundme cash and make this movie a reality. they are a performance artist coming to mcr to do a show here and I have a feeling they and I are going to get on very well 😁

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Hello, I'm John. I'm a lawyer working in Toronto, Canada. I practice criminal law and constitutional law. I really try to keep the law talk to a minimum. I'm here mostly for the art, the science, the music, and the kindness. Looking for/trying my best to give generous engagement only. Optimistic. Circumspect.

Tomorrow I am hosting a complete stranger from twitter for 2 nights and I think we are going to have such a blast together I cannot wait

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I love the content warning option. I don't see any problem with using it loads.

Some peeps are upset by seeing things, so it's simple to say what a toot is about and they can scroll on.

I'm actively avoiding stuff about war and politics when I can. So thank you to people CWing those toots.

A big happy birthday to one of my favourite humans ❤ @CrustyBumbler

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@PublicChaffinch @FrazzledBrynn There are literally so many brands of tractors with dirty names, we could be here all day: Bull Power, Cockshutt Plow, Cub Cadet, Mech Bull, Fluid Drag...even Hitachi makes tractors.

Good afternoon and welcome to bank Holiday weekend

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@axnicho I never close my curtains. The only ones I might like to close are my lounge but I'm too short 😭

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