so with the steam summer sale going on, if anyone wants to commission me or just throw a few bucks my way, my Ko-fi is here!

(I don't have commissions set up on Ko-fi yet just DM me and we can talk things out)

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Homestuck 2 will truly be forever bad until we see Mushroom Farmer's descendent. Still farmin' all these fuckin' mushrooms. Pain in the ass though truly it be.

coming out to my friends and family as D. B. Cooper. wish me luck

My criticism does not stem from a desire to "destroy" anyone on the team. They've all made content I enjoy. But this refusal to accept that any criticism of them can be in good faith is a travesty, and I don't know how I'm supposed to communicate this without repeatedly expressing my opinion and refusing to support HS2 until they actually do something about it

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Homestuck 2 is purposefully engaging with a lot of extreme ideas and I don't have a problem with that. what I do have a problem with is them deciding that their attempt to be purposefully transgressive doesn't require a more exhaustive warning than media that isn't nearly as purposefully shocking

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I can't
I can't fucking deal with this. This decision by the HS2 team and their response of "other media doesn't provide detailed content warnings so why should we" shows just how much they actually care about listening to sincere criticism. the fact that and such exist shows that people want complete lists of triggering content, and to remove what they had is a slap in the face to anyone who had a problem with a child being tortured until she passed out

ok I really gotta say, HS2 deleting all of its content warnings in front of chapters and replacing it with a generic "if you have triggers ask a trusted friend before you read" leaves a REALLY bad taste in my mouth

i love not knowing whether I'm just bad/still learning this character or if my team is just incompetent. Team-based games were a mistake, actually

made an active decision not to vaguepost about a bad take I saw. This is growth. I am patting myself on the back. My arms have 3 elbows each I am a miracle of nature

Holy shit Fearless Fred Fury is over a year old? Where did the time go

Don't know how many Borderlands people there are here but if I see you misgender Fl4k there will be one less, and it won't be me, if you get what I'm saying

finally, the big man himself. Just shove everyone into the mirror world, but leave Greatful Dead outside to do its thing, If Diavolo goes to punch GD into a pulp, pull him into the mirror without King Crimson and he's just a pushover for Metallica.

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Secco and Ciocolatta: Illuso proves invaluable here, since he can just bring the gang into the mirror realm where the mold wouldn't be a threat. Get Pesci to a high elevation and he can pull Ciocolatta out of the helicopter. Secco's grappling fighting style means he'd be fucked against white album, which we know can become hermetically sealed, so Ghiaccio doesn't have to worry about Green Day.

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Carne: Little Feet and Man in the Mirror work together to turn notorious B.I.G into a breeze of a fight. Just shrink it and dump it in the mirror realm. Problem solved.

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fuck it, let's break it down:
Squallo and Tiziano: White Album's ability counters clash pretty hard. Once they realize it needs liquid, that shit's on lockdown. Beach Boy can find them in their perches. Talking Head is barely an issue.

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Oh and the Elite Guard they totally could have taken out the elite guard hella easily (mostly because White Album is busted as FUCK but)

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oh hey new platform means I can repeat my hottest takes. Let's start with this: La Squadra TOTALLY could have beaten Diavolo in a fight

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