it's very funny to me that almost every generation game freak invents a new clumsy pikachu clone and nobody cares, but then they invented a pokemon that's a blatant parody of clumsy pikachu clones and everyone immediately fell in love :mimikyu:

@ErrorTheWolf one for every pokemon and also other assorted sprites (pokeballs and team logos and whatever)


@monorail my bro making a pokemon region, these images could help. *sighs* spam me.

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@ErrorTheWolf i'll do you one better

hey @Siphonay do you still have a .zip lying around of all the pokemon emojis

@monorail send me a random pokemon emojii and ill try to guess it

@ErrorTheWolf this becomes a much easier game when you hover your mouse over the emoji

@monorail I want to be the best There ever was To beat all the rest Yeah, that's my cause!

@ErrorTheWolf pikachu, pikachu, pikachu, pikachu
pikachu, pikachu, pikachu, pikachu!

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@monorail @ErrorTheWolf sorry for the slow reply, I just made a new version of the zip with all the new forms from the DLCs

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