So, apparently @peertube now has live chat built into it through a an official plugin (you can see a screenshot below).

The plugin has a github at

It was announced on the PeerTube blog back in November at

The chat doesn't require an account, you just pick a nickname and start chatting.


Livestream in the example is by @brandkopf doing an excellent mother's day card 😀


Hi. I'm the plugin maintainer. Thanks for the highlight.

There are many new features on my roadmap. I'll work again on this plugin by june.
I'm still looking for funding, so I can free some time to work on it. Links to my liberapay account in the github repo :)

If someone has question about the plugin, i'm here ☝️


@FediVideos @peertube this also tells me peertube handles live streaming too, which for some reason I'd assumed it didn't. This is most excellent.

@FediVideos @peertube I contacted the author @John_Livingston in the first phases of development of the plugin, and used it many times in last year, see at the end of this page:

It is unvaluable in emacipating streaming events from the global platforms!

@FediVideos @peertube Feels a bit prone to bot spamming perhaps, but we'll see. Neat feature.

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