If you livestream on a Fediverse platform such as or , send me a message if you want me to advertise your stream 👍

@tio Maybe you can do that when you have a TROMcast next time.

@FediVideos @tio
And is always live most of the time, its a TV-like channel operated by @alexio

@futureisfoss @tio @alexio

Oooh, that looks interesting! Thank you for the headsup

You might be interested in the @trom project then, all of the videos you see on that channel is made by this project. You can learn more about them at and see all the tools and services they provide at

I found this project through a random post on the fediverse and have been closely following them ever since. BTW @tio is the founder of this project, they're very active here on fedi :)


Is OwnCast a fediverse platform? How can I subscribe to it in Mastodon?


Yes, it is a Fediverse platform nowadays.

Owncast sites can activate their Fediverse compatibility, and if they do that you can follow them from within Mastodon just like any other account.

For example, here are some Owncast accounts you can follow:

@live is a live music account mainly about soulful house

@hatnix is a Linux gaming streamer

@Hamish is a retro gaming streamer

(Some Owncast sites haven't switched their Fediverse on yet though.)


If you follow an OwnCast account, when their stream goes live, a post will appear on your timeline with a link you can click to watch the stream.

Also, if you follow or boost their posts, a message will appear in the stream's chat window saying what has happened.

I've attached a photo of an OwnCast stream I shared, and my share appeared as a message in the chat.

@FediVideos @live @hatnix @Hamish

You make it sound like a lot of Owncast servers is about as federated as GAB is. 😂​

Is there any way of telling which owncast servers federate? If it's a stand alone instance, might as well go to Twitch. Same connectivity but a few more streams to watch.


Federation support is very new on Owncast, I think some accounts are waiting for updates to it.

Owncast was originally just about letting people self-host their livestreams. The Fediverse support was added much later.

Do you do this for non-livestreaming videos, too?
As you know probably i'm making german Let's Plays and i would be happy if you could advertise my videos.


Yes I usually recommend non-livestreaming videos from PeerTube.

I tend to only recommend English though, because I don't know the content of non-English videos?

However, I can try to tell people about your instance in general as it looks really high quality!

I'm understanding. Then i would be happy if you could suggest my instance.
My long-term target is a tilvids in german:)

@FediVideos We use Owncast for our Small is Beautiful streams at Small Technology Foundation (every third Thursday) and for any other one-off streams we do.

#SmallTech #SmallWeb #SmallIsBeautiful #owncast

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