Welcome to Mastodon and thanks to any new followers.

I hope you give the place a good chance. There's a bit of a learning curve but it's well worth it.

For new accounts, I recommend checking out @feditips

They've been posting all day to help new accounts adjust to the platform.

@TonyStark @feditips Big day. I'm not a moderator nor server host, but i have pretty much doubled my follower count today.

I hope they stick and stay active. It took me a little while to figure it out here. Twitter is really a :dumpsterfire: anymore.

@TonyStark @feditips
About Twitter. I didn't have too bad a time on there, but after being an online climate activist for so long we have pretty thick skins.

I worry about changes there since I got some of the fastest tornado warnings and other government info from the platform. I also worry because I imagine that in many countries it is the most trustworthy source of information about their local political situation etc.

It's definitely concerning.

Elon Musk is one of the last people I'd trust to do anything but use it for ego massage.

I enjoyed my time there. I had a good account for many years. But the abuse of the platform by bots, etc., became ridiculous. Twitter didn't do enough then. Certainly won't now.

Free, reliable information is vital to society. This is where capitalism really, really fails.

@TonyStark @GreenFire @feditips I agree, I have just joined Mastodon because I am worried about Musk's goals. I do not wish to pay for a social medial site, especially to a person who is too rich already (and who I think should be doing something for the planet with his money). I think controls will go and Trump will re-appear on his favourite platform. Hope not, but who knows?


@Melinda @TonyStark @GreenFire

It seems to me that Twitter should be renamed Elon's Toy. I don't trust the guy a tiny little bit. I want nothing to do with anything that he has anything to do with. Ugh. Liking Mastodon so far, I joined yesterday.

@GisaGeek Hi, I joined yesterday too for the same reason.

@Melinda It's nice here. I'm still figuring things out like local and federal stream, but I think that also depends on how we view our feed, if app/mobile/web site. I'll need to do a bit of googling.

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