Hello folks I'm a maladjusted Hippo who likes to do music with my guitar.

I'm afraid my posts will almost certainly contain cats, bad guitar, kid lamentations, gratuitous FROOOOT and the graphic description of leavings. Both mine and those of the various animals /people it is my privilege to follow after with a shovel.

Me shoulders are [no longer] made of broken crockery and sellotape. And me timeline is bloody daft at best.


CW: eye contact

Toilet humour / Caps / eyes 



Nearly a year ago I started an experiment to see how my ailing orchids would stand switching from standard potted medium (wood chip and free drainage) to hydroponics.

10 months on I have my answer.

As I started this experiment in twitter, I've added my notes there. The full thread is linked below.


Haven't read Pandora's Star in years. But I love the build up of it. It's a well fleshed out dystopian human future. Well worth a dive into if space opera sci-fi is your bag.

"From the bestselling author of 'Nights Dawn' trilogy...

Britain's best selling SF writer returns to outer space"

I wanted to do the curator studies as practice. But I also found it very challenging. So I eventually gave up trying...

Then I changed my mind. I deleted my earlier attempts and produced this today.

When I first started trying to draw in Ibispaint I hated the gaps which appeared in my work and became alright at smoothing them over.

Now I love them. Now I think they're my thing.

Total time including reboots 2hrs59

32 minutes in ibispaint. About 10 minutes in I changed the brush to a cube shape. I liked it so I stuck with it. I think the end result is messy but it was fun!

About an hour in Sketchbook. I intended to go for a textured look but I don't know the app well enough to achieve it!

This is from something I spent way longer on than I intended. The wood background is giving me gip. I feel like I'm close to getting it but no cigar so far! 2hrs10ms and counting.

This has taken 1hr13mins so far and it's not even finished! SAKE

It's just annoying me now

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