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Calcified. Grains, herbs.
Fronds, shrubs; Sister; stars and ice.
Breathing out. Grains, herbs.

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Luscious, high Spring winds
caress through billowing clothes,
laughs with me; flies off

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An old old acquaintance got in touch, & we got to talking about how we could ever write stories that imagine better worlds, when we're all so immersed in status quo bullshit: born& raised& molded by a constant feed of manufactured consent.

I feel like...the pre-colonial egalitarian societies, which revere the Earth, the ones that engaged in permaculture lasting centuries, surely had stories whose values& patterns we could mimic...

And then they told me about Ayn Rand's screenwriter's guide...

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CW: Existential, Imprisonment 

Inside Amber
Looks golden
From the outside.
Looks shiny,

While hard resin
Pressed against eyelids
Erases sight.

The resin
Pressed against mouth
your screams.

There is no being or doing
Outside of dreams.

Inside Amber
Looks golden
From the outside.
Looks safe,

But it is death without release.
An achingly slow doom.
Inside Amber
you are, while living,
rendered inanimate.

A corpse.
A curious artifact.
A bubble
which time and life
flows around.

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weet = yeet, but yeeted with many hands in solidarity

What is the most important Mastodon feature?

Other = comment
All = ⭐
All plus federation = :boost:

#Mastodon #Fediverse

I bet there's a Bard that's just, like. A chef.

Making enemies weep with embarrassment at the mere smell of a mix of incredible sizzling spices that is delicious, AND throws all the most devastating shade upon their weapons, armor, and fighting abilities.

Hi there, “ Not having got long Covid after a prior infection in the earlier waves offers no guarantee against getting it this time."

Wear a fucking mask at all times indoors with other people. Yes, that means no indoor dining.

Long COVID will fuck you up, potentially for life.

The closet goblin trusts the lint roller implicitly. Their collaborations thrive.

Respecting Elders?

Second Thought -- Is Retirement Still Achievable?:

What doesn't kill you makes you weaker, unless you Unionize.

At the suggestion of friends I have created a GoFundMe to help with tracking my donation goals each month as I move toward recovery. You can see my goal and how close I am to meeting it as well as contribute. I would like to thank @BalooUriza for suggesting that I post here as I've had much better engagement on the fediverse than I had on Twitter.

Homelessness fundraising 

Vessel is at risk of being homeless in a earth week

Anyone willing to take me in
Vessel has no documents and haven't gotten any diploma as Vessel is in a special ed program called transitions supposed to help get a job etc

It's all over having trouble doing the dishes

The closet goblin understands every atom of the backpack.

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