ugliness (internal and external) we see turns into monsters. and im sure, real ones

@HerDarkLeft_Love_ Probably very true .. God makes these people ugly as a warning to others

@JACKSON cant believe someone actually got what im saying. its been a while. (thanks)

@HerDarkLeft_Love_ Glad I'm doing a positive thing .. my life got ugly when I was wasting it on drink and drugs but now I'm clean life is sweeter and getting better I'm happy with the most basic of things ok I like technology and my little old Ford Fiesta but I love to take my bike to the woods and ride my troubles away and take pictures of trees and animals that all we need out air and trees food and drink (not alcohol)

@JACKSON attention spoils a soul (at least mine for sure)
i love privacy and loneliness

@JACKSON my life gets ugly from dealing with wrong (for me) people

@HerDarkLeft_Love_ I did the same I thought if I'm an asshole like them I'll be more popular but whoa I got too good at it and was isolated in my own little bubble we can change at any age you know life is life ..Bruce Lee said "Be water my friend" meaning change shape into whatever fits the situation but lead and be yourself always

@JACKSON its the case when empathy does the wrong thing, goes into wrong direction. it happens because, just like you said, we arent being ourselves but playing a role toxic surroinding is forcing us to play to fit into itself (absurd and terrible). it only hurts us in the end (bitterness, cynisism, and pride)

@HerDarkLeft_Love_ I am still guilty of thinking of a cool scene in a film and then inserting it into a real life situation but that is because that character suits your own that can be fun


@HerDarkLeft_Love_ Yes very sadistic behaviour .. the novelty will wear off eventually and they might climb the "nice" tree and see a way forward

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