@Coffee_stained_books The left have destroyed Twitter because the algorithm is massively in their favour it's a no win situation for alternate right they troll all the decent common sense stuff I mean ALL of it Twitter is like a Cyber version of Nancy Pelosi

@Tomcarpenter Hi Tom I'm in Southend on Sea I might go for a windy walk on the pier

@lydiaconwell Ok will read it thanks for the info Lydia :)

@lydiaconwell What about ageing? Mind you that's DECAY I guess. We just base our "clock" on the sun orbiting the Earth ..I guess as we revolve ..that's a "cycle" I think Stone Henge has more answers

@lydiaconwell I'm interested tell me more once you've learned what you're learning pls :)

@cqkyai The Bible is a special book with more depth than a lot realise and |I am sticking to a promise to myself to read those levels I need to

@darulharb I got the email about this as well it's terrible stuff isn't it God bless Don Trump !

@Emily I went to Dallas in 2005 a place called Humble I was only there for a couple of days coming back from Quito in SA and this guy in a cowbiy hat gave me a rock it blew my head off much stronger than I've ever had before or since but as I say those days are behind me I got clean and wise beautiful that is one thing I would not lie about

@Emily Is that an Android phone ? I've got that myself but a Nokia 1.3 I'm thinking of getting one of those Blackview Rugged phones waterproof the lot and shockproof I got one for my crack head Ex (she paid me back her ££££ goes in my bank account) and she hasn't broken it yet 2 weeks so far she breaks a phone in 2 days when she's off her nut from Heroin and crack (I used to do that shit but not anymore thank Fck) I wouldn't ever use again

@Emily Does hangouts still work I haven't used that for quite some time my love

@Emily I will sort better pics I promise but like remember I'm for real ok gorgeous

@Emily oops up to* not yo to slight typo there x

@Emily You would be sfe with me anyway .. actions are better than words but all I'm saying is you can take yo to 2 years to decide it's an option you have :) Gives me a chance to sort out other stuff moving to a better place etc

@Emily Lol I can understand that in some ways when I look around at some of the assholes but I'm teetotal clean from drugs and .. don't get me wrong I've lived I did all that crap but I got sorted and just loving life

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