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Any news on the audits in America ? The world wants Trump back in the white house

Thanks for any follows I'm looking for a main feed I guess that's "Home"?

I'm on Prime Video and Netflix right now .. watching a fil, called The Dark which I've seen before but I need something fresh it's so easy to plough through everything there is plenty I have not seen and I download torrents too I really love films and I'm getting back into music again I'm 48 so I've lived and loved it all I'm saving saving saving for another Ford Capri WOW I used to get those for £180 to £500 no chance of that anymore I'll need at least 5 grand

If Commodore had done things right we'd still be using Amigas right now at least 4 times more powerful than anything we are using at the moment

I'm new here ok .. Hi there from the UK Southend on Sea (Brexiteer)

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